SHAMICKEL Safety Services & Training

SHAMICKEL Safety Holdings offers a complete range of safety services designed to help your company and your employees maintain A high level of safety standards that meet and exceed all industry requirements and regulations.

We offer classroom training and certification, on-site consultations and safety audits, as well as 'top to bottom' customized Safety Program development and implementation.

On Site Safety Management

Increasing safety and minimizing risk is a core principle of SHAMICKEL Safety. We provide a number of auditing services, including COR/SECOR, as well as consultations on your current safety management practices.

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Classroom Safety Training

We offer a wide variety of safety classes that can be conducted on or off-site. Our qualified and experienced consultants have years of experience in regulations, standards and best practices in safety instruction and adult education.

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Safety Program Design

We specialize in developing and implementing all encompassing customized safety procedures for your company. Our Safety Program Design ensures maximum risk prevention and promotes a safe working environment.

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