Student/Class Policy

Verbal or physical abuse, profanity or harassment will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from class. No refund will be given.

We cannot train an individual while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please refrain from using these while attending classes. If it is found that a student is under the influence, it will result in immediate removal from class and no refund will be given.

Make certain to pass in all paperwork including; registration form, evaluation, exam, etc.

If there is need for First Aid to be administered, you instructor will be your designated first aider while attending the class. The first aid kit can be found in the Lounge. An incident report is required to be filled out in case of an accident/incident by yourself and your Instructor.

If there is a fire in the building, please exit the building using either the North or South exit, whichever one is free of hazards. Please use care exiting the building. Our emergency Muster location will be the east side of the building in Westward Parts parking lot. Fire extinguishers can be found outside of the classroom, in the Reception Area and in the Lounge. Please note these locations, only try to fight a fire if it is safe to do so and you have been trained.

There is no smoking inside the building as per City bylaw. Smoking will only be permitted in the designated smoking area which is across from the student entrance door by the picnic tables, please use available ashtray.

Our parking lot can be very busy at times with several blind spots, especially around the student entrance area, please have respect for others; the speed limit onsite is 15km/h.

Please respect our Staff/Visitor parking areas, these slots are for staff only and visitors to our centre that are only parking for less than 15mins. If an unauthorized vehicle is parked in these locations, they will be requested to move their vehicle.
Thank you for your cooperation and using SHAMICKEL Safety Holdings Inc. for your safety training provider.

Bert Hausauer, CRSP, CHSC, RSO, NCSO


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On Site Safety Management

Increasing safety and minimizing risk is a core principle of SHAMICKEL Safety. We provide a number of auditing services, including COR/SECOR, as well as consultations on your current safety management practices.

Classroom Safety Training

We offer a wide variety of safety classes that can be conducted on or off-site. Our qualified and experienced consultants have years of experience in regulations, standards and best practices in safety instruction and adult education.

Safety Program Design

We specialize in developing and implementing all encompassing customized safety procedures for your company. Our Safety Program Design ensures maximum risk prevention and promotes a safe working environment.